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February has not been a good month for writing for me, buy it has been for walking. As of the 19th, I am over 100,000 steps for the entire month. This is just about 50 miles. I am averaging over 5000 steps a day. This is where I'm starting from. Come March, I would like to average 5500 steps a day. I'm building my way to 10,000 steps a day (roughly five miles), which is the amount of steps that are recommended.

We got a scale now and I'm not happy with what it said. It's a medical scale, so I don't know if its calibrated or not yet. But in any case, yep, not happy with the results. But regardless, I at least have a place to start from. Between cutting calories and walking more, I would like to be losing an average of two pounds a week. At this rate, It'll take me over a year to get to my desired weight.

I'm already seeing results in my body, even if the pounds aren't dropping just yet (at least based on my recollection of what I weighed at many moons ago when I weighed-in). My legs look a little slimmer and the muscles are harder. I have also noticed my stomach flattening and my cheeks slimming.

While cutting calories, I haven't switched gears to healthy foods yet. My parents always eat out. We don't have many healthy foods in the house, either. I'm going to have to make another trip to Trader Joes soon. Not just that, but I need to eat what I buy, and also not buy more than I can consume in a week.

I'm going to review some of my vegetarian and vegan cookbooks and see if there's anything that appeals. I will buy things based on recipes rather than me randomly buying things. Anybody have any suggestions for low-calorie dishes? I am open to anything, but I would prefer it to be meat-less. Meat is one of those things I have severely cut my intake of, including soda.

I have to say though: after doing 100,000 steps in a month, and sticking to the average number of steps I wanted, I feel like I can take on anything.
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