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(from left to right)

Charlotte Anne Porter (Ingrid Michaelson)
Eleanor "Ellie" Rigson (Kristen Bell)
Kendra Thompson (Anna Paquin) first appeared in "Telepathic Duets" and "A Healer's Touch"
Stacy Sinclair (Erika Christensen) first appeared in "Cursed"
Tynna (Mandy Moore) first appeared in "Visions of Death"
Det. Alexander "Perk" Perkins (Jack Davenport) appeared in "Spirited" and "Telepathic Duets"
Tiffany (Karen Gillan)
Rowan (Bridget Regan)
Eleanor (Erin Karpluk)
Joshua Perkins (Misha Collins)

Charlotte Anne Porter
Age: 22
Home City: Pomona, CA
Occupation: Artist, works at The Underground (art, books, and cafe)
How she fits: Knows Kendra and Stacy, former student of Eleanor's

Elliot "Ellie"
Age: 26
Home City: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Vegan and organic chef, writer of "The Kitchen Witch", holistic (intuitive) witch
How she fits: knows Tynna, Joshua's ex

Kendra Thompson
Age: 19
Home City: Upland, CA
Occupation: Student (at Scripps) Volunteer psychic, Dream Seer/visions from Rowan
How she fits: Suitemates with Stacy and Tiffany.

Stacy Sinclair
Age: 20
Home City: Ontario, CA
Occupation: Student, vampire hunter, intuitive psychic
How she fits: Suitemates with Kendra and Tiffany and best friends with Tynna. Was saved by Tynna's sister years ago.

Age: 20
City currently in: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Traveler, professional muse/nude model
How she fits: Best friends with Stacy, knows Ellie, receiving visions from Rowan
Other things: 6 weeks pregnant

Det. Alexander "Perk" Perkins
Age: 40
Home City: Upland, CA
Occupation: Cop
How he fits: Uncle of Kendra, brother of Joshua, finds himself in a hairy situation

Age: 18 1/2
Home City: England (when she was a baby), raised in Oakland, CA, now in Claremont, CA
Occpation: Student, witch
How she fits: Suitemate with Kendra and Stacy
Other things: Her birthname is not Tiffany

Age: ?
Home City: Somewhere in the British Isles
Occupation: Badass witch/psychic
How she fits: Is Calling her people

Age: 36
Home City: Pasadena, CA
Occupation: English professor at Chaffey College
How she fits: Former prof of Charlotte's, hearing Rowan's Call

Joshua Perkins
Age: 34
Home City: Claremont, CA (formerly San Francisco, CA)
Occupation: Unemployed
How he fits: Brother of Alex Perkins, hangs out at the Underground, Ellie's ex


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