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5090/50000 - 10%

I'm being a bit of a slacker, and yet I am getting my numbers. I am even a few words ahead, which is a nice thing to go to sleep knowing.

I did find a schtick to work with. I know I said in my blog that I don't like using schtick, but I found something I really like: telling the novel by days. Each day, I tell the story from the POV of one of seven or eight different characters. I am on Day 2 so far, which is actually November 1st. I have an idea what I am delving into November 2nd, but no idea what I am going to do for November 3rd and 4th. I'm sure I will know when I come to it. I also have a character doing NaNo and I am including some of the story she is telling. I like being meta and experimental. This story is certainly delving into that. My initial excitement has evaporated, but I feel there is endurance. The topic is interesting. I already learned a connection between two characters that I hadn't known was there. So I am quite excited about that. I am not going to worry about things, not even the way the characters are talking. I can concentrate on it more when I am there and have the time. Right now, the action of writing daily is pretty freeing. I need to put more concentrated effort in it; however, I am still able to achieve my needed word count so I think that's meaningful.

So far I have attended two write-ins: one at CK and one at the LA library. I so want to just talk to these people. I am intrigued by how interesting everybody is! There are some real movers and shakers and people with potential. There are a bunch of students in the CK group. Three freshmen who are also newbies to NaNo. I want to learn more about the people I hadn't gotten the chance to really talk to and talk more with the ones who I have already spoken with. I want to see where these connections can go. I guess I am a little bit more keyed into networking than I used to be. I like how I am now. I am always thinking about people's interests and skills and how I can be of help to them, or how the things tie to mine. It's a pretty cool thing to be doing. I am glad that I have become more aware of my skills and the connections I already have. It's about organizing. And I really hate organizing. *L* Nothing in my life is quite that way, but organizing brings sense to things. I'll get into organizing when I have a little more time. Well, my writing is pretty organized, though. I have one fill I just put things into.

I have a bunch of things coming up. I am working on a book project in addition to the NaNo. It's Heroes related. If you are a Heroes fan, I may need your help on it. Contact me for details. :D

Another thing is the fundraiser I am doing for NaNoWriMo's parent company The Office of Letters and Light. I am trying to raise $2500USD by Nov 30th. I need some new ways for fundraising because I am not sure about how to reach out to people. I am putting up a few auctions to help pay it, too. I hope to get those up this weekend. Gotta write them first. You can find my fundraising page here

Gah. It's nearing on 3. I think I am going to do a little bit more of writing and then get to bed. Hopefully updates will be more frequent than past years. I have also thought about doing a vlog or a LJ Voice Post thing. We'll see. :D

How are you guys at your NaNos?

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Date: 2010-11-04 01:09 pm (UTC)
ibonekoen: ([SW] Write you must...)
From: [personal profile] ibonekoen
Definitely will be contacting you, as I'm a Heroes fan too :D Just as soon as I get paid, I plan to donate to your fundraising page.

I also have a character doing NaNo and I am including some of the story she is telling. That is really, really neat.

As for my own NaNo, I'm doing good. I'm handwriting it in a journal and then typing it up at the end of the night. Right now, I'm on target and actually a little bit over my daily word count. My current count is 6,234, and I've determined that if I can write at least eight pages a day in my journal, I'll stay on target.

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Date: 2010-11-05 09:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] writerfangirl.livejournal.com
I think you'll be perfect. :D I saw that you have a tattoo from Heroes. I had forgotten about that! It's stuff like that I am trying to focus on. I am gathering replies from people about how Heroes has changed their lives and inspired them.

OH!! Thank you very much! :D You get to name a character, too. :D Do you have a character name in mind?

Thanks! I am planning on putting in what she has written. I have to figure out if she wrote more after I ended her day.

Oh nice! I'm doing a lot of hand writing too. Do you type it all at once, or do you type it as you go?

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Date: 2010-11-05 12:15 pm (UTC)
ibonekoen: (Milo smiling colors)
From: [personal profile] ibonekoen
I am gathering replies from people about how Heroes has changed their lives and inspired them.

I think that is really neat, and I'm really looking forward to this book :D

As for a character name, heh, at the moment, I don't have a name in mind. Still thinking on it.

As for typing, I usually type it as I go. I hand write my eight pages and then type that. Last night, I skipped typing because I was tired and headachey, so I've got extra to type tonight, ha.


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