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Only been writing for two hours and I just reached 3497. I have 6503 words left for today. No steps achieved yet. I'll start walking after I reach 5000 or 6000. I want to be at least halfway done before leaving the house. We're supposed to be doing some shopping today. That will help with the steps, but not the words. Maybe I could get all the words done by my leaving. We'll see! Going to take a break now.
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I didn't get 10k today, but I got about 9k! :D I'm quite pleased about that.

In seven days, I did twenty-seven handwritten pages in my journal. It's me talking about writing and wondering what I'm doing with my life. Great stuff for the [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout, though. I feel like I'm really making some headway now. I started a fictional piece today that I actually like. I'm tapping into a character I had originally created as a roleplaying character, but then did nothing with. He's a nice addition to my story. I have about six or seven characters I need to figure out now. I also need to do some world building because this is a magic and preternatural type setting. There are some interesting figures already who are more than they let on.

For countable words for [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout, I am guestimating that I have about 16,000 words so far. I should be writing about 21000 words a month. At this rate, that's going to be more than doable. But I am definitely writing my butt off. It feels really great!
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I have now reached 4,026 words for today. Just 5,974 left to go and a little less than ten hours to do it. This is definitely do-able. I am going to be going out in a minute, and write things on the road.
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It's 11:33AM and I am currently at 1636. I need 8364 more words today. I've been posting like a fiend over at [livejournal.com profile] thewritingpen. Making a few paragaph long posts. Wow. I remember those days. I haven't written this prolifically in years. It feels good. You know something? I'm not even counting the words that I'm posting on the comm! I'm only counting the words that I am putting into my Open Office file for a story that I'm working on.

Getting something to eat and then going back to writing.
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So I am going to attempt the impossible today with no preparation and limited time: I'm going to see if I can make today a 10K Day. I have a new story I'm working on. And I have another one to rely on, too. And a third one also on the backburner. I'll get to those two soon enough. Need to flesh both out. Need to flesh out the one I'm working on right now, too. I have three characters, a location, and some backhistory already cropping up. I am learning about them as I write. It is very NaNoWriMoish, though. But 10K in one day...damn. If I can learn how to do that now and gain a quick speed at it, I'll be all set for November. I have a hope, though, to do a 10k day once a week. Every seventh day. As it happens, the next one that Milli Thornton, the organizer of the 10K day, is going to hold it on the 14th, a week from today. So maybe it will be an every Thursday thing for me. That's 52 weeks of 10ks. 52,000 words. That would be great for my 250,000 words that I need for the year, for [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout. I already have written quite a few pages this month, too. Have no idea, though. I'm not doing my first count of those pages until tomorrow. I'm curious to see how much I can write by using the three pages a day model. Sadly, I haven't opened The Artist's Way since the first. I did start a book called The Writer's Book of Wisdom: 101 Rules For Mastering Your Craft. The tips are one page, two pages at most, and are really colorful. I'm currently on rule 17: Stop reading this book. Write. So I closed my book and started writing.


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