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11:19PM: The writing is getting more craptastic by the second. Characterization is shot. Description is more telling than showing. Gah. Waiting for the upswing. The only positive thing is that I'm feeling that writing muscle starting to loosen in its working out. The flow is coming. Hopefully I can get an overflow very, very soon. I'm going to start slow now. Just trying for the minimum every day. Actually, trying to have it where I don't have to write the min. of words, but will have over-flow to cover me. Today I did piece-meal writing. I had about twenty minutes before work, twenty minutes at work during my break, eight minutes during my ten, got in about seven minutes on the ride to meet my friend, and then did another five minutes at home. There. That pulled about 975 words or so. Maybe writing isn't as difficult as I was trying to make it. The difficulty is in having it not just sound good, but touch the reader. But right now, it's really not meant to be read by anybody but me. LOL

Tomorrow I'm going to be getting some writing time with my friend Kristen. Writing in public with others is good for me. I hope I can get [livejournal.com profile] brokenbacktango into more writing situations with me. We need to find a place that inspires one to write. Borders cafe didn't seem to cut it. That's a real shame, too, because they have tea service. Maybe we should go back to Boomers. Would help if I had some more monies. *L* With Kristen, we'll be writing at a church in Pomona where there is a cafe before the service. Haven't been back with her there for about two months now. They had really good music during the service. Maybe the service can give me some ideas. That would be cool.


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