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8546/50000 - 17%

First, day started out VERY well because my Doctor Who Series 5 CD came in the mail! <3 I LOVE IT!!!!!

Today was a good writing day! I am very pleased that I have been writing over the number of words for the minimum. My hope is to be able to get a day ahead of time a week. I am currently running behind when it comes to my chapter a day. I just finished November 2nd's chapter. Upside? I know who I will be writing about in November 3rd and November 4th's chapters.

I have also done some brainstorming for my fundraising. I am writing personal letters to people who I have volunteered with or writers who I admire. I did a total of 14 letters so far. I am going to see who else I can write to. I found pulled together some items I will be selling and will be looking for more. eBay is allowing free auctions until the 10th, so anything I can find must go. I'll be putting the stuff up tomorrow or Sunday. More likely Sunday.

This is my list of stuff so far:

~ The black and yellow latex shirt Milo Ventimiglia wore in Gamer, with a signed certificate of authenticity. I also have a photograph of Milo holding said CoA.

~ A Rest TPB signed by Milo Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff. I am including my receipt for the comic and a paper ad from Borders advertising Milo's signing as my proof.

~ One of the Dragon*Con nameplate with Adrian Pasdar's name on it. This item is also signed (alas, no offering of proof. You're just going to have to take me at my word on this one)

~ Pinehearst brochures

I am also thinking of putting some Heroes cards from Comic Con up too.

All of the funds I obtain from the auctions will go to my fundraising. I am going to encourage bidders who do not win to make a donation any how. This is kind of my biggie thing to hopefully get quite a bit of the 2100 I need left. I am hoping for 300 for the shirt alone.

Good day and good night. :D
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5090/50000 - 10%

I'm being a bit of a slacker, and yet I am getting my numbers. I am even a few words ahead, which is a nice thing to go to sleep knowing.

I did find a schtick to work with. I know I said in my blog that I don't like using schtick, but I found something I really like: telling the novel by days. Each day, I tell the story from the POV of one of seven or eight different characters. I am on Day 2 so far, which is actually November 1st. I have an idea what I am delving into November 2nd, but no idea what I am going to do for November 3rd and 4th. I'm sure I will know when I come to it. I also have a character doing NaNo and I am including some of the story she is telling. I like being meta and experimental. This story is certainly delving into that. My initial excitement has evaporated, but I feel there is endurance. The topic is interesting. I already learned a connection between two characters that I hadn't known was there. So I am quite excited about that. I am not going to worry about things, not even the way the characters are talking. I can concentrate on it more when I am there and have the time. Right now, the action of writing daily is pretty freeing. I need to put more concentrated effort in it; however, I am still able to achieve my needed word count so I think that's meaningful.

So far I have attended two write-ins: one at CK and one at the LA library. I so want to just talk to these people. I am intrigued by how interesting everybody is! There are some real movers and shakers and people with potential. There are a bunch of students in the CK group. Three freshmen who are also newbies to NaNo. I want to learn more about the people I hadn't gotten the chance to really talk to and talk more with the ones who I have already spoken with. I want to see where these connections can go. I guess I am a little bit more keyed into networking than I used to be. I like how I am now. I am always thinking about people's interests and skills and how I can be of help to them, or how the things tie to mine. It's a pretty cool thing to be doing. I am glad that I have become more aware of my skills and the connections I already have. It's about organizing. And I really hate organizing. *L* Nothing in my life is quite that way, but organizing brings sense to things. I'll get into organizing when I have a little more time. Well, my writing is pretty organized, though. I have one fill I just put things into.

I have a bunch of things coming up. I am working on a book project in addition to the NaNo. It's Heroes related. If you are a Heroes fan, I may need your help on it. Contact me for details. :D

Another thing is the fundraiser I am doing for NaNoWriMo's parent company The Office of Letters and Light. I am trying to raise $2500USD by Nov 30th. I need some new ways for fundraising because I am not sure about how to reach out to people. I am putting up a few auctions to help pay it, too. I hope to get those up this weekend. Gotta write them first. You can find my fundraising page here

Gah. It's nearing on 3. I think I am going to do a little bit more of writing and then get to bed. Hopefully updates will be more frequent than past years. I have also thought about doing a vlog or a LJ Voice Post thing. We'll see. :D

How are you guys at your NaNos?


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