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40007 / 50000 words. 80% done!

This update needed one of those nifty counters, so here we go! I'm on the last stretch now. I am attempting to finish this thing on Sunday (today!) so even though I am not at the Night of Writing Dangerously, I can at least finish on the night. And when I do, I am going to invest in one of those spiffy Viking hats. Must. Have. Viking. Hat! And then I'll wear it to further write-ins because I will still be going to those even when I'm finished. I am trying to write a whole lot more before the end of November. I am in a year challenge and for most of it I slacked off in it. I have nearly 141,000 more words to write after I complete my NaNo. So I'll be attempting to write another 50,000 words in the last days before the 30th. Wouldn't that be something? I would be pretty stoked about that. I can do it. I can so do it. Especially because I have a lot of writing projects to work into it. And I am counting my journal entries too. How meta is it that I am talking about it here? Heh. I need to check my steps because I need to get to those too. December is going to be plenty rough on me since I haven't been using my pedometer.

I'm not happy with my plot, but I am getting it down on paper. I think it has potential. When I revise--and I will revise this one--I am going to rework the style. I have been writing from one character's point of view during each day of November. Instead, I am going to write shorter passages for each character on each day, or the important days in their lives. There is a lot of potential here even if it hasn't been realized yet. I will also be revising my short story collection, which takes place before this piece. I am intent on getting that published next year.

Beginning today, to get my 250k words and 1million steps, I need to average the following:

Averaging 3683 words a day
Averaging 7413 steps a day

It's time to really get myself into shape with words and steps. I've been letting myself slack for too long. Gotta get more sleep, write more, and walk more. I hope this really sparks some things up. I'll start on this new regiment today.

I'm borrowing this from my friend [livejournal.com profile] myras_girls. Thank you!

Today I'm grateful for:

Family and friends
My kitties and my pup
Doctor Who
Steven Moffat
Matt Smith and Karen Gillan ♥ ♥ ♥
Comfy socks (especially K.Bell soft and dreamy socks)
Music on my iPod
[livejournal.com profile] roxicons and her icons and Flikr account
[livejournal.com profile] geonncannon and his brilliant writer mind (I am SO excited about the Sanctuary/Warehouse 13 drabble he is doing for me. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this. Helen/Tesla/HG Wells. It is going to be fucking epic!) (Geonn--I hope you know I completely trust your writing skills) Seriously folks. You need to read this guy. He's a published writer and everything! :D Utter brilliance.))
RPing...Oh yeah. :D
Sera Beak
My laptop
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For the last couple of years, I have tried--sometimes more than other times-to read 100 books in a year. This year, I am more serious about it than I have been in a while. It's a valuable goal, I think. Without being in school, reading is the prime way I'm getting further education. I'm drawn to books that are written by writers about their craft and self help books, particularly ones that deal with unblocking and creative things. I really wish that bookstores had creative sections within self help sections. It would make my searching a whole lot easier. I want to be a mentor who helps to unblock others, or help people find their passion. I like helping people see aspects of themselves that they didn't even realize were there. Reading other people's approaches to this is going to be very helpful.

While my list is numbered, it is not the order I will be reading the books in. I wanted a numbered list so I could add more as I get them. I have a lot of other books that I haven't added, but I think for now the remaining 35 I will wait on. I am bound to buy more books throughout the year. It's kind of impulsive for me. I have an addiction to books and information. Even if I don't get to the book immediately, I am glad that it is still there. But I am going to give serious effort to reading what I have. I have so much love for the Amazon Marketplace. I am a fan of used books. I think I found a liking for them in college. Used always means cheaper. There's also that chance that your books will be marked, too. The history of individual books can be interesting. I also really like using Powells. I also recently picked up some books from Overstock.com. I'm not sure what compelled me to check them, but they had a good selection of what I was looking for too. Their prices also beat Amazon's. Another cool thing about Overstock: they take Paypal. That's always a great thing in my book.

This is just the start of my list. I'll be editing it with links and to be alphabetical later. All I did right now was gather up my books and start writing down titles and authors.

Reading List for 2010 )


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