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5252 / 50000 words. 11% done!

11:19PM: The writing is getting more craptastic by the second. Characterization is shot. Description is more telling than showing. Gah. Waiting for the upswing. The only positive thing is that I'm feeling that writing muscle starting to loosen in its working out. The flow is coming. Hopefully I can get an overflow very, very soon. I'm going to start slow now. Just trying for the minimum every day. Actually, trying to have it where I don't have to write the min. of words, but will have over-flow to cover me. Today I did piece-meal writing. I had about twenty minutes before work, twenty minutes at work during my break, eight minutes during my ten, got in about seven minutes on the ride to meet my friend, and then did another five minutes at home. There. That pulled about 975 words or so. Maybe writing isn't as difficult as I was trying to make it. The difficulty is in having it not just sound good, but touch the reader. But right now, it's really not meant to be read by anybody but me. LOL

Tomorrow I'm going to be getting some writing time with my friend Kristen. Writing in public with others is good for me. I hope I can get [livejournal.com profile] brokenbacktango into more writing situations with me. We need to find a place that inspires one to write. Borders cafe didn't seem to cut it. That's a real shame, too, because they have tea service. Maybe we should go back to Boomers. Would help if I had some more monies. *L* With Kristen, we'll be writing at a church in Pomona where there is a cafe before the service. Haven't been back with her there for about two months now. They had really good music during the service. Maybe the service can give me some ideas. That would be cool.
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4256 / 50000 words. 9% done!

11:59PM: Today I was in LA to see Zach Quinto on Jimmy Kimmel Live so little writing was done today. I did some this morning, and some after getting out of the show, but aside from that, nada. Now I'm right on track. Just need 745 words today and I break even. I'm shooting for at least that today. Make it a positive. :) Cause I'm not feeling it with the story. My writing has gotten so weak because I'm not used to writing like this anymore. Gaah. I'm going to seriously hold myself to writing. It's a friggin' organ and I need to get it active again. Maybe if I exercise my brain I can exercise my body too. *L* That would be cool.

I'm going to try to do what my mom tells me to do: end on a positive. So, on that note, I will write my 745 words and I will write more than that. On another hand, this story is gonna work because the more I write, the better it will be. I have a new scene to work with. Going to introduce Claire into my story now. Virginia has talked and thought a bit about West. He seems to have a similar MO to the guy who put the moves on Claire in season 1, but he doesn't try to rape the girls. Just dries them up of their uniqueness. But I don't think she believes this completely of West because he's going to end up being of help to her. I think she might just be a bitter ex.
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3352 / 50000 words. 6% done!

3:20AM: Writing is going slowly, but I have nearly 1000 words (731 total) written already. Haazah! The writing feels forced (maybe cause it is? *L*) and rigid. Being so early and how my writing muscle is out of shape, except when it comes to RP posters, this'll be worked out in time. At least I have good music to listen to (Matchbox Twenty's "Let's See How Far We've Come").

4:39AM: 1704. :D That's an excellent stopping place on the online portion of my writing. I still want to stay up for a bit longer and work on my paper on hand. My creativity strikes me differently when I'm working with pen and paper. I found a pen (Pilot G-2 05) with new ink so I'm planning on breaking into my new NaNo journal with that. Gonna finish up things on a good song ("World Spins Madly On" by The Weepies) and then get offline.

1:06PM: Woke up only a half an hour ago. Did the checking on the E-mail and who won the Search for Elvira Contest (I had a dream about her. She told me the winner was someone named Mai. She was wrong. *L*) And, yay, somebody wants to do an artistic rendering of my story at [livejournal.com profile] nano_boom already.

3:46PM: About to leave to do some errands and then meeting [livejournal.com profile] brokenbacktango before work. Counting what I wrote after I got off last night, I've come up with over one thousand more words. 2843 words total. That means I have 491 words left to get my count for day 2. That's a nice reassurance because tomorrow is going to be a very busy day with me being out for a lot of it. I don't know if I can get my 5000-10000 words today, but I have a decent shot.

11:59PM: Put in a few hundred words while at work. Didn't get much accomplished on word count when I met with [livejournal.com profile] brokenbacktango, but we had a good talk about her plot. :D I just finished up the remaining 89 words I needed to hit a day 2 total, so I'm going to write for a day 3 (5001) total. I'd like to get that at least, but I will be shooting for three things: at least two days ahead; 5,000 words in addition to what I already have; or 10,000 words in addition to what I already have. I'm very serious about getting the story done in record time for me. I need that time to spare.
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It's the eve of the NaNo: are you prepared for the big day?

Today, I hope to have more of my pre-NaNo story written. It's really bare bones right now. I've worked out who many of the main characters are and the first eleven scenes (just notes, have no idea what will happen in said scenes, except for about three), so I'm hoping that's enough. This time around, I'm gonna write like the mad woman I am. I want to get this finished as soon as possible. My hope, and it's a long shot, is to have 5,000-10,000 words written by the end of the first. Likely so not going to happen, but hey, it could. It's day one and I want the biggest chance I can get at getting ahead. I typically start slow or start right on track. Time for a new strategy. I also have to say that I'm always self-editing. I cross things out. I don't think I'll do that this time. I can't say that I won't, because sometimes self-editing brings out better words in the first draft. My second part of my plan is to write as much as I can on my computer. I love writing in a journal, but that can be tedious during the transcription period. It just takes so long and I could better use that time for actually writing the thing. But I'll be bringing that journal every where I go even so. Not gonna leave my side.
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It wasn't a conscious decision, but something that clicked in my brain: it's time to start getting ready for NaNoWriMo. My first step is editing the look of my journal. I'm not sure if I'll change the layout because I really like how it is now, but I may do that if I find a header I like. I have one I'm thinking about (a picture anyway), so we'll see. May have to play with that. I started switching out some of my icons, too. Was happy and surprised to see that I had collected three more icons than I had last time, putting me at the grand total of 107. This journal is nearing on its second anniversary. :D I'm kind of surprised to see how many fandoms I've gone through since then. But anyways, I'm not going to max out the icons yet because I'm waiting to see what goodies come out in the first month and a half of Heroes series 2. Like my personal journal, this one will be Heroes heavy, but the focus is different. I like having icons here that deal with writing (the act of or the process) and spirituality (as it relates to faith and fate, mostly). I'm always looking for new ones, even ones that don't necessarily relate to my main fandom. If you see any, could you please point them my way? :D

And regarding this pic, this one seriously shows just how much Sean Maher can look like Adrian Pasdar. :D I think I realized part of it: Sean has those long lashes, too! Sullen seems to look similar on both men. Maybe between now and Nov. I can actually get the Heroes/Firefly fic written.

I'm super tired, but I'm going to compose a checklist anyways. Can change it later as I need to:

* Check pen and paper supplies (I know I have a bag filled with journals. What kind of journal do I want to write in this year? What kind of pen do I want to use? Perhaps check Borders for some cool pens. And colors. Black? Blue? Purple? Red?)

* Now that room is mostly cleaned, writing can be done in there! Open up a nicer place on desk for that.

* Really, really, really start thinking about inspiration for this year's story. That will hopefully bring up characters to play with.

* Check earlier works and ideas for something that might work this year ('Cause right now I have no clue what I want to write about.)

* Review writing books (thinking Ralph Wahlstrom and Natalie Goldberg. Be nice to revisit them since I haven't read their works since May of '06. A lot has changed and shifted since '06.)

* Drag out character informational charts and start working on tracking the chars now. Also get some of those index cards too. (Now I just have to remember where I put them, but I saw them the other day.)

Prep time is important and has allowed me to win NaNo two years in a row now. But this year, I'm aiming to completing before the Nov. 30th deadline. Pull a [livejournal.com profile] geonncannon or something. :D This man is friggin' awe-inspiring. He got his NaNo novel published.

It might be in my best interest to strongly consider writing a story in relation to a previous short story I've written. There are some great characters in some of those. I've still been meaning to edit, edit, edit. Thinking about writing, not just writing, but the whole process of it, will help me get into a good place to write from. Hopefully I can sustain this until Nov. 30. :D

edit: Today has been a day of coincidences for me and I just found another one: the number 42 was all over my userinfo. 42 friends. 42 weeks since I last updated. 42 journal entries. The two last ones changed as of this post, but still, it was all there. Haha. God bless you, Douglas Adams (though I don't think you believed in God *L*) edit 2: 42 also seems to be the number of syndicated subscribers to the PasdaryYouTube Syndication feed. Okay, this really has to stop. *LOL* Too many coincidences today. And the day hasn't even started yet.


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