writerfangirl: ([remember the 5th of november])
2010-11-06 01:38 am

NaNoWriMo - Day 5 #nanowrimo

8546/50000 - 17%

First, day started out VERY well because my Doctor Who Series 5 CD came in the mail! <3 I LOVE IT!!!!!

Today was a good writing day! I am very pleased that I have been writing over the number of words for the minimum. My hope is to be able to get a day ahead of time a week. I am currently running behind when it comes to my chapter a day. I just finished November 2nd's chapter. Upside? I know who I will be writing about in November 3rd and November 4th's chapters.

I have also done some brainstorming for my fundraising. I am writing personal letters to people who I have volunteered with or writers who I admire. I did a total of 14 letters so far. I am going to see who else I can write to. I found pulled together some items I will be selling and will be looking for more. eBay is allowing free auctions until the 10th, so anything I can find must go. I'll be putting the stuff up tomorrow or Sunday. More likely Sunday.

This is my list of stuff so far:

~ The black and yellow latex shirt Milo Ventimiglia wore in Gamer, with a signed certificate of authenticity. I also have a photograph of Milo holding said CoA.

~ A Rest TPB signed by Milo Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff. I am including my receipt for the comic and a paper ad from Borders advertising Milo's signing as my proof.

~ One of the Dragon*Con nameplate with Adrian Pasdar's name on it. This item is also signed (alas, no offering of proof. You're just going to have to take me at my word on this one)

~ Pinehearst brochures

I am also thinking of putting some Heroes cards from Comic Con up too.

All of the funds I obtain from the auctions will go to my fundraising. I am going to encourage bidders who do not win to make a donation any how. This is kind of my biggie thing to hopefully get quite a bit of the 2100 I need left. I am hoping for 300 for the shirt alone.

Good day and good night. :D