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Ingrid Michaelson's Everybody. It's a really feel good song. Is it just me or does she sound like A Fine Frenzy?
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Another rec from my friend Katie - "Change" by Tracy Chapman.
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My friend Katie turned me on to this song. I really, really love it.
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Didn't put much time into writing today at all. :( The most amount of writing I did today was write a listing on the buddy system at [livejournal.com profile] thewritingpen.

It was a rainy day so I wasn't able to walk, either. It seems that my number of steps does fall under that of someone who is sedentary. iPod says that I walked 1047 steps today. Yesterday I somehow managed 6000. I would like to average 5000 around the house and 5000 walking. I just need to do more around the house. I did start cleaning my room today. That's a big elephant that has been sitting around for years. I really need to set up my new bookcase and put it in my room. I think I have space by my desk. I definitely need to re-evaluate the use of holding space in my room, though.

Tomorrow I'll write more pages, maybe work on a prompt, and do walking. And probably some more cleaning too. I'd like to get further along with my room.
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I'm doing a lightning round at [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti here.

User Name: [livejournal.com profile] writerfangirl
Email address: PetrelliCampaigner@HousePetrelli.com
YM/AIM/Gtalk/ICQ (optional): jenthefangirl/Jen the Fangirl/writerfangirl@gmail.com
You can see things I've created at: Breaking Ground and Reconnection (both spoilers for Heroes go to "Let it Bleed") are my most recent drabbles. I'm just getting back to fanfic writing. I have some nine-ten year old fics, too. Babylon 5 fics With Ease, The Musings of Lieutenant David Corwin, and Pete Wisdom fic A Score to Settle.

I am offering: Fluffy and/or uplifting and/or slice of life ficlets (500-1000 words) to the first seven people.

Fandoms: Heroes - Gen, slash, I'm willing to try just about anything or any character--I do really like the minor ones like Emma, Hesam, even Abby Collins from Season 3--but please don't ask me to write anything where Sylar is the major player. My personal favorites are the Petrellis (I do particularly like WeePetrellis too!), but I like Claire,

Excalibur and/or X-Men - Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom.

Stargate: SG-1: Daniel Jackson (especially Ascended or when he's being geeky about Archaeology. Less so when he's in his older years and has gotten bitter), Cassie Fraiser

Additional Info (optional):

Donation Minimum/Number of items offered: $5.00 USD per ficlet. Donations go to Haitian Hero / Hollywood Unites for Haiti RELIEF FUND. Please show proof and then give me your ficlet request with theme word.
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Going to indulge on my Heroes writing and making this official.

I have claimed general series and table 14 at [livejournal.com profile] heroes15.

01 God. 02 Hate. 03 Burn. 04 Want. 05 Need.
06 Memory. 07 Disturb. 08 Rain. 09 Cold. 10 Ephiney.
11 Sin. 12 Confession. 13 Sacrifce. 14 Understanding. 15 Forgiveness.
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Prompt: Peter, Claude - Not invisible anymore

Title: Reconnection
Rating: PG-13 (for swearing and description of Sylar's nastiness)
Spoilers: Through "Let it Bleed" (and knowledge of relatively recent Heroes comics is a plus)
Words: 777
Disclaimer: Nobody belongs to me.

click me )
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I like the variety I was offered. I'm working on one now and am having a lot of fun with it. If you have a drabble request, but don't want to write any drabbles yourself, just give me a request anyway and I will do my best with it. Again, no promises on how good or bad it will be. I'd like the challenge. :)

I have a drabble request. [livejournal.com profile] theemdash couldn't do it. :( I want to see Jim Profit interact with the Senior Partners of Wolfram and Hart. This is what David Greenwalt hinted at if Jim Profit was to be placed into the Angel universe. It makes me very, very happy! I would loved to have seen Adrian Pasdar in the Whedonverse. As far as Heroes alum goes, Leonard Roberts was so good on BTVS as Forest. I just caught an ep with him the other day. Good times.

Another one of those Fandom things that makes me happy--anybody hear about the new John Lennon biopic, Lennon Naked? It stars Christopher Eccleston as John Lennon and Naoko Mori as Yoko Ono. Hehe.

And that was entirely too fannish for my writing journal. *L*
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The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. (If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead.)

I will write you any fandom that I know. Check [livejournal.com profile] fangirljen out to see what I know. I can't make any promises. It might really, really suck. But you'll have a drabble that you didn't before I wrote it. :D

1. [livejournal.com profile] lyssie Pryde and Wisdom! With explosions or infiltrating or mockery and alcohol, if possible. =D
2. [livejournal.com profile] wiccanslyr Peter/Claude Prompt: Not invisible any more
3. [livejournal.com profile] ninkasa Cas and Dean: Friendship
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Only been writing for two hours and I just reached 3497. I have 6503 words left for today. No steps achieved yet. I'll start walking after I reach 5000 or 6000. I want to be at least halfway done before leaving the house. We're supposed to be doing some shopping today. That will help with the steps, but not the words. Maybe I could get all the words done by my leaving. We'll see! Going to take a break now.
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[livejournal.com profile] 5_prompts
Table Number 11
01. pandora's box 02. stay home tonight
03. my mother's own curse 04. the very first step
05. Don't tell people how to do things,
tell them what to do and let them surprise you
with their results. -George S. Patton
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I've been thinking about prompts and I decided to hit the prompt community that I had made. There are some ninety prompts there. Lots of variety. Some are quotes, but most are phrases or are titles of books that I absolutely fell in love with. I gathered all of them in 2008, when I was a bookseller who was responsible for shelving books. So I got to see A LOT of books.

Please feel free to use these prompts for whatever you want to do with them. If you do use them, write to them, I'd love to see the result!

take me to the prompts! )
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Title: Breaking Ground
Fandom: Heroes
Spoilers: Through season 4's “Let it Bleed”
Rating: PG (swearing)
Summary: After Claire returns to her dorm room, she contemplates about the past and what her next actions are going to be
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] thewritingpen's Oasis prompt
Words: 1065

Claire ficlet spoilerly through LET IT BLEED )
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I didn't get 10k today, but I got about 9k! :D I'm quite pleased about that.

In seven days, I did twenty-seven handwritten pages in my journal. It's me talking about writing and wondering what I'm doing with my life. Great stuff for the [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout, though. I feel like I'm really making some headway now. I started a fictional piece today that I actually like. I'm tapping into a character I had originally created as a roleplaying character, but then did nothing with. He's a nice addition to my story. I have about six or seven characters I need to figure out now. I also need to do some world building because this is a magic and preternatural type setting. There are some interesting figures already who are more than they let on.

For countable words for [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout, I am guestimating that I have about 16,000 words so far. I should be writing about 21000 words a month. At this rate, that's going to be more than doable. But I am definitely writing my butt off. It feels really great!
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I have now reached 4,026 words for today. Just 5,974 left to go and a little less than ten hours to do it. This is definitely do-able. I am going to be going out in a minute, and write things on the road.
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It's 11:33AM and I am currently at 1636. I need 8364 more words today. I've been posting like a fiend over at [livejournal.com profile] thewritingpen. Making a few paragaph long posts. Wow. I remember those days. I haven't written this prolifically in years. It feels good. You know something? I'm not even counting the words that I'm posting on the comm! I'm only counting the words that I am putting into my Open Office file for a story that I'm working on.

Getting something to eat and then going back to writing.
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Some weeks ago, I got an e-mail from a former co-worker at Chaffey about a contest The Gotham Writers Workshop was running. You could submit your name for about a dozen different prizes. They had some great things, such as a membership to one of the workshops (either online or in NYC), a Writer clock, a Gotham sweatshirt, magazines, books, gift cards, even an e-reader. After not winning anything at the Night of Writing Dangerously in Nov, I won a prize this time! A year subscription to Poets & Writers! I've picked up their mag occasionally and it is a quality periodical. I also have a bag with their logo that I got at the LA Times Festival of Books and love dearly. Yay!

It's a small writing world because [livejournal.com profile] theemdash won, too! :D
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So I am going to attempt the impossible today with no preparation and limited time: I'm going to see if I can make today a 10K Day. I have a new story I'm working on. And I have another one to rely on, too. And a third one also on the backburner. I'll get to those two soon enough. Need to flesh both out. Need to flesh out the one I'm working on right now, too. I have three characters, a location, and some backhistory already cropping up. I am learning about them as I write. It is very NaNoWriMoish, though. But 10K in one day...damn. If I can learn how to do that now and gain a quick speed at it, I'll be all set for November. I have a hope, though, to do a 10k day once a week. Every seventh day. As it happens, the next one that Milli Thornton, the organizer of the 10K day, is going to hold it on the 14th, a week from today. So maybe it will be an every Thursday thing for me. That's 52 weeks of 10ks. 52,000 words. That would be great for my 250,000 words that I need for the year, for [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout. I already have written quite a few pages this month, too. Have no idea, though. I'm not doing my first count of those pages until tomorrow. I'm curious to see how much I can write by using the three pages a day model. Sadly, I haven't opened The Artist's Way since the first. I did start a book called The Writer's Book of Wisdom: 101 Rules For Mastering Your Craft. The tips are one page, two pages at most, and are really colorful. I'm currently on rule 17: Stop reading this book. Write. So I closed my book and started writing.
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So now that I wrote my epic of all posts on Livejouranl about teachers (not how I planned it, just how it turned out), my brain won't go back to rest. It is active, it is vivacious. It wants to get words out. My brain is plotting in my favor and wants to get as many words out as possible.

When I was in community college and university, I got all sorts of advice about writing and realized some things myself.

Here are some of my favorite things I've been taught or have observed first hand: )

What are some of the lessons that you have learned or observed?
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I wrote six pages: three pages for the morning pages written this morning and three pages in response to day 1's prompt--allegory. To be honest, I groaned when I read I had to write an allegory. I didn't want to do it. I found myself partly closing, but it was the prompt and I had to read it. So I did and I got three pages. I surprised myself by writing a story and being creative. Right now, I'm really heavily drawing from my life. That won't always be the case and I am really looking forward to that time.

I didn't want to have a day spent at home, as past Januarys have gone. Instead, I went out with my friend [livejournal.com profile] leadaisy. We hit the Waffle, in Hollywood, first and then went to Pasadena. I was so sure that Vroman's was going to be open, but alas they were not. What we did see was a bunch of trash lining Colorado Blvd on either side, outside closed stores. A few hours after the Rose Parade ended and it was already empty. I actually didn't see any of the parade today. That has to be a first for me. I'm not so inclined, either. I could take it or leave it. From Pasadena, we went to the mall. I made a Borders trip in Hollywood and at the mall and between those two bookstores, I came home with three books and three journals. One book I will start when I get up: The Writer's Book of Wisdom: 101 Rules For Mastering Your Craft. I liked the layout and I thought it had some handy points to be made. I look forward to breaking into that.

I surprised myself in my Morning Pages when I wrote down a few ideas for fiction stories I want to try; one story is a fanfic and the other is an original piece. I don't want to tackle those now, but at some point later. It doesn't seem to take a lot of effort to brainstorm for writing fiction. Did I really forget so easily? I also plan to go back to an original story idea I was playing with. I'll be brainstorming on that today, I think. The other two pieces are much shorter while this one is going to last a little while. But a piece is a piece. And if I complete one, more the better. It has been ages since I have ever completed any pieces. I don't make myself. And, sometimes, I don't even let myself start. But I know that you won't accomplish anything if you don't start. If you start something, finish it, then maybe it will work, or maybe it won't. But if you don't even start something, it won't work. It's that simple. I would like to give myself more of a chance. Heck, maybe I'll get something out of the very attempt of trying.

There was a book that I was looking at that I didn't pick up today that I might at a later point. I remember it is the companion book to Write. but other than that...I don't remember the author, even. I've checked Amazon.com. The writer is Karen E. Peterson and the companion book is The Write Type: Discover Your True Writer's Identity and Create a Customized Writing Plan. There is one exercise Peterson had where you write the answer to a question with your non-dominant hand. I imagine it is to see if your brain hemispheres think differently. I have read that they do think independently of one another. And if there is a disconnect, then you would have two distinct personalities vying for control of one body. I think I might get something from my right hand that I hadn't even thought I would think about. Maybe something like that one style of writing, like...it isn't ghost writing. But the idea is that your tapping into a presence that isn't your own. I've always been scared about trying that. Scared about what would turn out, so I haven't even tried that. I've seen a book somewhere on that too, but I didn't give it a great deal of thought. Maybe in the future I'll check that out, but I have enough on my plate right now than to get into that too. One change at a time.

And another book I want to check out is Fear of Writing. This writer seems quite accessible to readers. She also holds monthly 10K days. Her next two will be the 14th and 23rd. I will definitely be signing up for both of those. I am not going to turn down a shot at 20k words in just two days. I want to get as much writing done as possible in the least amount of time possible. I know I don't have to work that hard, but I have gone so long not asking very much of myself that I want to change that.
Thoughts on teachers and teaching )

I will start the Artist's Way tomorrow. I'm going to figure out my word count at the end of the week. I'd like to have about 7,000 words. I'm not going to worry about word count, though. I'm just going to write.

I think I may do a photograph a day, too. For today's photograph then, here is the aftermath of the 2010 Rose Parade:


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