Day 4

Nov. 4th, 2008 11:14 pm
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Okay, so I'm back in the place I was yesterday and am 553 words from completing Day 5's quota. I want to get that whole day finished so I can actually have a whole day of cushioning. So if I get 2220 words tomorrow, I'm all good. Gonna get to that. I have to make it today. I'll be writing before I get to work this time and hope that helps. I can at least knock out 400 words at that time. Maybe even the entire 553. Then get to the 1667 after I've gotten home from work. I can make this work. I'm staying on top of it and that is definitely helping so much. I'm more pumped than I was last year. It's kind of sad, too. I found some character write ups I did for a writing and art comm, where you as the NaNo writer are paired with an artist, and I really loved the write ups. I fell in love with my protagonist again. So, I was thinking: if I do finish this current story, I can get back to that one and do the bulk of it for [ profile] autumnwrite. Gah. I still need to add all of my words from my ramblings done before Nov. I might do that this weekend.


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