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Oh dear, oh dear. It's been a week since I've last updated? Dagnabit. :( This does not mean that I have not been writing. I am at about 21k right now. I am intending to get 10k by Monday morning. And Monday? I intend to have it be another 5k day. As I will be finishing my NaNo by next Saturday. So that's 30k in one week. Daring? A little nutty? Sure! But it's going to be fun. This means that I cannot keep giving into distractions. I have all sorts of lovely new games on my iPod Touch, like a zombie gardening game and a coin push game. Erm..Yeah, not really point-ful.

OH! I have finished Sera Beak's The Red Book. It is a very fine book. I love Beak's perspective on things. It is a book I strongly recommend to everybody who needs to figure out what is going on with themselves and expanding their existences. It is one of those books that gives that idea that we are all spiritual entities that are living human lives. I love stuff like that. Plus, her approach is whimsy, sexy, fun, light. I am working on living in the moment. I can do it when I am doing it, but there are still those times when the weight just hits and things begin dragging. Things are getting easier as I let go of emotions. A lot of "what ifs". I am also letting things--possessions go. Those don't have to have the same kind of weight they used to have either. Why be serious? It kind of makes life a bit of a drag.

I have begun reading Gabrielle Bernstein's book Adding More ~Ing to Your Life. There's a lot more serious, weighty stuff going on here. It is also about letting things go, but it feels more rough and heavy to me. I miss the airy tone of Beak's book. I will work through it, but it is going to take me a slower time. Bernstein's book is also a workbook and you are supposed to deal with things after each chapter.

I also have a new Wayne Dyer book that I want to tackle this month. The Power of Intention. It is colorful like one of SARK's books but more realistic. Oh that's a bummer. The Borders BINC on the back says that it came into Borders Montclair on the day my mom passed away, 9/9/10. :( I haven't spoken about that on my journals, really, and I don't feel like it yet. I've done a lot of talking about it with a life coach and I feel my brain is working through it.

The other book I want to finish (and restart) is Jeff Vandermeer's Booklife. I may start that in November or it will be one of my December books.

I've begun thinking about holiday presents this week. I have a theme I want to think more about. And I am doing holiday cards! :D So if you want a card, PM me your addy.

Off to more writing and dinner.


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